Hergestellt in Deutschland
Novatech Engineering Ltd. represents the very best of German engineering with a comprehensive range of machine tools for turning, mill turn and prismatic machining. Our principals, Index-Traub, Hermle, SHW and Zimmermann are all located in Baden Württemburg, the heartland of German high tech machine tool building.

To compliment our machinetool program we also supply a comprehensive range of cutting tools, hand tools, machining accessories and inspection equipment from a supply base which is located predominantly in Germany and Switzerland.
Engineering for the Future
Novatech adds Felo hand tools.
Novatech Engineering has recently added German premium quality hand tool manufacturer Felo to its product range. Established in 1950, Felo is at the forefront of innovative hand tool design with products such as the best selling Felo STAR and the ERGONIC family of ergonomically engineered screwdrivers.
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